Thursday, May 10, 2012

judge not

we've been asked; we should obey.  like take tuesday for example.  i had to wake jack up from his nap early to head to the school for sabrina's "hero report" presentation.  i was in a rush, like usual, and completely forgot to change his diaper.  once we got to the school, i jumped out of the car, grabbed my shoeless, wet baby (before i even realized he was sopping) and booked it into the classroom.  jack's pants were pretty drenched.  i was so incredibly embarrassed!  i strategically held him in such a way that i hoped & prayed nobody would notice & be totally grossed out.  poor kid.  he was so uncomfortable.  i was uncomfortable too!  my arm was wet with pee & tired from holding him in one position- but i couldn't put him down!  

now, if i were to see a mom in that situation, what would i think?  to be honest, before this little episode, the first thing that would probably pop in my head (even though this has probably happened to me before with one of my other 3 kids) would be, "gross!  poor baby!  what is that mom's problem?" 

we've been asked not to judge.  we never know what other people are going through or what's in their bag.  tuesday's stinky experience was a good reminder that most people are just doing the best they can and that we all have challenges & bad days.  

so today i'm sharing with you my latest print, hot off the press judge not, that ye be not judged
so, if you see me at the grocery store today un-showered & still in my sweats, no shame!
i hope your day is better than the last 3 have been for me!  if somebody pees on me, spills cereal all over the floor, or uncontrollably cries again for the umpteenth time, i think i'll go ballistic! 

happy thursday!

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