Monday, June 1, 2009

[Leadership & Self-Deception]

.an international bestseller.
.too many rave reviews to type out.

we did it! sam and i went away for the weekend!
we have never left our baby over night with anyone, so i was a little apprehensive, but she did just fine!
my dear sister Lindsey and her cute husband Todd came to our home and stayed with our girls.
we really appreciate their kindness and sacrifice!
thanks you guys!
it was a much needed breather for us!

what i'd love to acquaint you with today is this incredible book we listened to on the way home! sam recieved this book from his new employer as a required read.
we were so impressed!
both of us agree that everyOne should read this!
maybe you've heard of it, Leadership and Self-Deception

it is not just for the office!
sam and i learned so much and we're so eager to apply it to our own lives and our family's!
we downloaded this book on

.get out of the box.