Sunday, June 14, 2009

[awesome 80's]

.don't wait to tell someone you love them.

.here is my gorgeous grandma at her 8
0th birthday party last weekend.

.this is her stunnin g older sister.

.her glamorous younger sister.

.and her radiant sister-in-law.

don't they all look incredible?

.they are such charming & graceful ladies.
these women are phenomenal mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers; so loving, compassionate and delightful.
all of which are marvelous cooks,
with impeccable taste and have the most quaint & exquisite, yet inviting homes.

.they are best friends.
.they watch out for each other.

.my sisters and i kept saying how we hope to be just like them when we're 80; vibrant, healthy & happy.

.i love you.

.my cute aunt pulled out this dated barbie book my grandma read to her as a little girl.

it was down right hilar ious to read!
all the ladies gathered around and gi
ggled over it!

.my cute parents.

.my sisters & silly brother-in-law.

.my uncle & cousin.

what a special night we had laughing, reminiscing and enjoying our family!

.thank you aunt laura and uncle richard for hosting such a fabulous party.