Thursday, June 11, 2009

[rocking chairs]

.these are the great dark clouds outside our door the other day.

as the clouds rolled in, i could hear the distant thunder.
memories flooded back to my early childhood and my mother.
i remember her pulling me onto her lap as she sat smiling in the fine white rocking chair.

it sat on our porch and it always rocked best in the rain!

my mom wrapped me up and cuddled me close as we watched the raindrops fall.
we rocked and rocked while singing & humming sweet melodies.
the cool, wet air and little drops tapped our cheeks.
it was my bliss!
there is something so soothing about the motion.
.that unmistakable aroma.
just me and my mother together alone.
the comfort & endearing love i felt from her at that unique moment in time was sublime!
.i will never forget it.

in hopes to make the same charming remembrances with my daughters,
our rocking chairs were fully occupied with warm captivated bodies singing lots of little songs.
.i hope they remember.
i love the rain!