Wednesday, June 3, 2009


today i am feeling a bit "split". for one reason or another i woke up on the wrong side of the bed & i just can't "snap out of it"! what's my prob? i am hosting a princess tea party for my 4 year old this afternoon & somewhere inside me i know i am so excited, but my brain won't let me go there! i'm afraid i don't have any "brights" to share with you this morning. i am hoping to transpose myself into my normal state of mind--and soon! i've got a party to throw, several little girls excited for entertainment!

my only saving grace today is petra. she offered to come pick sabrina up for the afternoon so i can get ready. i seem to talk a lot about her, but she is one of those friends that just knows me so well! i don't like to confess to myself i need help most of the time, but she knows how particular & eccentric i can be when it comes to entertaining. i can throw myself into a tizzy quite easily if i'm not as prepared as i'd like or when little kiddies are hanging from me. so thank you sweet friend!

i absolutely love the actual "party" itself, so i'm thrilled to do it, i just need to relax and enjoy the prepping!


oh, i've had several requests to add comments back on here, so i suppose i will!