Thursday, June 18, 2009

[father's day gifts idea 2]

.here are two more last minute father's day gift ideas if you are still looking.

if the man or men in your life happens to be an engineer or computer geek
or simply enjoys a fun game this is right up their road!

i hear it's a hit with their friends too.
the scrumptious dudes that they are supposedly gather around in the office during "lunch" to play a quick game!

i wandered into Barnes & Noble and was able to pick a couple up.
discovery toys makes this game too; but i believe you have to place an order for it, unless your consultant has an extra.

now if they happen to appreciate "the arts" this book is really beautiful!

i purchased the grandmother's edition last year for my mom & she loved it (some of you will remember my posting).

i looked at this one while browsing through the bookstore and loved it.
my local barnes and noble still had quite a few.
make it easy on yourself and call before you head out...
they may be sold out :)

good luck!