Friday, August 28, 2009

[driving slow on sunday morning]

road trip,August 2009

logan,road trip,August 2009

when we heard news that sam's sweet aunt passed away, we packed up the sub and headed out.
driving slow? only when i summoned the driver to decelerate and even halt so i could take a picture or two...
he ever so kindly supported my desires :) love you sammy!

logan,temple,road trip,August 2009

these are some of the beautiful sights we saw along the way!

road trip,logan,August 2009

.i saw this home and thought it looked so inviting.

bear lake,road trip,August 2009

crisp cool air, mountain mist and stunning views on a drizzly day! we loved every minute!
it was extra great with happy kids and our favorite music playing!

bear lake,road trip,August 2009

bear lake,road trip,August 2009

bear lake,road trip,August 2009

get this, a drive-thru liquor store.
we had never seen one before, but i guess we haven't been looking :)
i just had to snap it...
this is for you!
idaho,road trip,August 2009

jackson hole,August 2009,road trip

it wouldn't be right to for-go bubba's... it's tradition!