Tuesday, August 25, 2009


.a few of my latest little loves.


okay, i've loved this scent for a long time, but it's just so
.pure, clean and crisp.

the best!


morning fresh scent!


i wanted to share these with you...
i was all excited because i thoroughly enjoyed them with a little whipping cream on top.
unfortunately, this tasty, wobbly little snack did not get good reviews at all.

i was disenchanted when i read they apparently do not have any antioxidants.
what a bunch of hooey.
they tasted good!


.when plain almonds just don't quite hit the spot.


have you ever partaken? if you like gingerbread cookies, i think you'll fall in love!
these are so light, crispy and delicious!

i buy mine at IKEA


lavender vanilla: just smells cozy and beautiful!