Thursday, August 20, 2009

[my music box]

i'll take one of these please!

so it is 4:30 a.m. and this post decided to awaken my restless slumber and it won't stop swirling around in my head!

no laurie, i won't rise early to go walking with you,
but i will blog!
ahhh, what is wrong with me? i guess i'll eat some cottage cheese and type so perhaps i can go back to sleep.

i began a discussion on c jane's community last night posing the question "why do people run?"
i've been thinking a lot about this lately, probably because i know so many people who eat, sleep and breathe it. when it's just a few miles, that seems plausible, but when they're out for hours on end, it just boggles my mind. i think it's awesome, but how can that be fun? last night when
i called laurie to tell her i didn't want to get up, i asked her this same question. she said that ariane told her that "she needs the endorphins". is that true ariane, if you're reading this? is that the secret all you runners share? i'd love to fathom. if people are having knee replacements and missing toenails, it must be GOOD! i'm just sayin'! maybe i haven't given it a good enough go, i don't know.

i "t
hink" i've figured out that my body doesn't require intense exercise to loose or maintain weight. it's all about food for me. i find when i workout too hard, i am ravenous and want to eat everything in sight.

unfortunately my r.a. medicine can cause weight gain[big frown], but if i give up "bad carbs"(all the delicious, i mean yucky sweets and stuff)along with what i'm about to tell you, i can really slim down. the problem is, i have to really motivate myself to eat this way. i'll start and be super good, very natzi, and then give in and love it too much. lately i've been doing great and loosing a few.

i heard on Zonya's Health Bites(do you ever watch this?)that by simply doing 40 jumping jacks every morning, this fun bouncy exercise can boost your metabolism, get your blood circulating and "wind up the music box" is what i like to call it. if you don't have time for 40 jumping jacks, you have problems LOL!

so that's what i have been doing, along with maybe 10 or 15 minutes of pilates exercises(love mari winsor!)or a good speed walk here and there.

so aimee, this is for you. i mentioned i was going to write about this, and i've finally done it after i've amused myself with weddings and photography. and way to go and good luck to you with your running! it sounds like you've found what you love!
wow, full circle here!

oh, and i can't forget to mention that project runway starts tonight! i have a slight crush on this show! it's not a modeling show if that's what you're thinking, it's all about designing and making clothing- completely fascinating to me!
it is SO good!