Friday, August 7, 2009

[the english boy]


after reading mary's pen pal post, flashbacks of my adolescence returned.
my correspondence first began with the little boy next door (yes! the one i'd basement kiss) after he moved far, far away.
i missed our friendship - not the smooches[smile].

like i commented on
the fresh notes post, i carefully wrote a heartfelt message to the boy on the prettiest paper i could find and sprayed it heavily with my mother's perfume
(which i picked up from the movie
Grease!) lol!
we wrote a little bit during that year and then it dwindled.
i actually found his brother & sister on facebook and later eventually "became friends" with him on there too! it's amazing who you can find on-line these days!

.that brings me to the english boy.
many, many summers ago during my high school days, our family went on a vacation to santa cruz, ca.
the salty breeze and giant waves delighted our giddy little souls!
we thought we were pretty cool and just loved the concept of being whoever we wanted to be.
for me anyway, i felt like i could be a totally different "amelia" than the girl back home. i could just let loose and not worry about impressing my friends or making a complete fool out of myself.

one night, during our evening hotel pool & spa ritual, we became acquainted with some kids from England. we had a grand time talking to them and just laughing at their fascinating accents and hilarious humor! we kept asking them all kinds of questions and couldn't believe how parallel but skewed our lives were from each other. they kept reminding us that their fashion was far forward, along with their music than ours here in the states. we just giggled of course and kept probing them to speak, just to hear their peculiar dialect.

there was one boy in particular that i happened to fancy.
we promised to meet each other the next morning before he took flight across the world;
but for whatever reason we did not connect. sadly, i never did see him again.
at some point the night before, we exchanged addresses (before vonage and affordable international calling, there was no way we could pay for telephone calls.)
.and so we wrote.
i sent him packages with American paraphernalia & pictures of myself, and he sent me funny little treasures from the UK.
one time in particular he sent me a homemade cassette tape with Ace of Base music, something we hadn't heard yet(of course)!
as we both started dating other people, i again lost contact with the boy.
i did send him my wedding invitation though :)

and surprise, surprise, i found him on facebook!
.this time we did not become friends.

courtesy of waterhalo

i don't know why. did he forget me?

i'm not too upset about it! i'm happily married!
i just thought it might be fun to say hello.