Sunday, August 16, 2009

[samantha & blake: part I]

as we gathered in the bright serene sealing room, we eagerly anticipated their arrival. the bride looked sensational and the groom could not stop smiling! they had very special ceremony, the room was overflowing with the sweet spirit of the Lord. their sealer gave them very valuable counsel he had once heard President Hinckley give. these are the highlights i remember:
he first asked them to read The Family: A Proclamation to the World often, and then i love when he urged them to
always be aware and anxiously engaged in one another's comfort.
and that selfishness erodes marriages.

i believe that!

as we walked to my cousin's wedding luncheon hand in hand, sam and i discussed how blessed we were to witness this sacred ordinance. we remembered the day when we made the same special promises to each other, and how grateful we are for our eternal companionship.

i began typing this post before church this morning, and ironically, our sunday school lesson was on temple marriage.
(so if you were in class with me, please excuse the repetition as i shared these words with our class)

congratulations love birds!
.more pictures to come here soon.
i was not their photographer, just fun practice for me!