Friday, August 14, 2009

[my almost new friend]

what would you do if you met someone and wanted to be their friend? i'd like to know!
i'm sure most people would ask them for their name and phone number more than likely, right?
well, not me.
a couple days ago, as i was trouncing through walmart in the sippy cup isle, when the sweetest lady just started talking to me and complimenting me on my beautiful daughters. she treated me as though i was one of her long lost friends. i didn't have a stitch of makeup on, my hair was a mess, and later when i came home, i realized i had a zit that needed popping-GROSS! this cute young mother didn't care. she was so sweet to me anyway! we chatted about our children, her kids were close in age to mine, and then we sat and analyzed the sippy cups together! she was delightful and funny, like a breath of fresh air for me! i knew i looked totally ghetto, but she welcomed me in such a way that i didn't even think twice about that. after contemplating our encounter, i'm sure i subconsciously assumed that i would never see this woman again, so it didn't much matter how i was observed.

as we were ready to part ways, i so badly wanted to learn her name, maybe get her phone number, or hey, find out if she had a blog!
but no. i didn't. i chickened out.

i've been trying to figure out what happened. i think i was worried she would think i was a psycho or something. i don't know! i should have said, "you're hilarious! i've loved our little chat! what's your name? do you have a blog? i'd love to keep in touch!" that's what i should have done. but my ego wouldn't allow it that day and now i regret it!

after i ventured home and unloaded the groceries, i couldn't get this situation off my mind. "What's my problem?" i kept asking myself. she's gone and i will probably never see her again, just like the english boy!!! okay, that was a bit different, he was a boy and i was looking for love. but now she's gone and who knows where that relationship could have gone.

then i thought, i can't even keep up the friendships i do have! i have so many amazing friends who deserve much more of my attention! with as busy as i am these days, i'm lucky if i get together or chat with anyone. i may check their blogs or facebook and comment at midnight, or sneak off to a movie every so often, but that's about it!

and then my second thought was, i need to take better care of my established relationships first before i start picking up new friends, sort of like children's toys :)
and i quickly corrected myself knowing full well that
i can never have too many friends!
yes, kinda like shoes!

so dear walmart woman, wherever you are, i'm sorry! i hope to learn from my mistake and conquer my fear of "new friend finding"! you taught me a lesson! if i ever run into you again, i hope to say hello!