Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[samantha & blake: part II]



.one final task had to be completed.

the flowers!

i love every part of them, their colors, aroma, shape, texture and design!
they are my favorite piece of the wedding cake! okay, the dress is a close tie.
my beautiful talented aunt
shares my affection.
she takes on the feat and arranges them
jenn has graciously done all the family flowers, excluding mine
(she hadn't quite tapped into that pursuit yet, don't worry, i still loved mine).
they've all been AMAZING! i wish i had pictures of all of them to show you!

throughout the years, she has recruited me to be her little helper, along with my mom, aunts,
sisters and cousins.
i just love watching her shape all kinds of blossom varieties into showpieces.
just like her interior decorating & fashion design, she has flawless taste!
oh, did i mention she's also a model? yeah, we hate her! [smile]

we all enjoy quite a holiday chatting and creating them together [grin]
they are surely a labor of love. it's not easy work to say the least;
between choosing, ordering, purchasing, transporting,
arranging, storing and transporting again,
it is a HUGE job and very stressful!

jenn does it all!

too bad they don't last forever huh?
*note to any future brides: she'll be charging next time!



see the final products & wedding pictures here