Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[go to the mattresses]


.my latest debate.

the famous tale of the princess in the pea seems to be twirling around in my intellect quite frequently as i lie in bed tossing and turning each night, trying to find a serene spot within my sheets. you know those people (like my husband) who can fall asleep anywhere under almost every condition? yeah, i want to be one of them! when i first got married, it was a huge adjustment for me.

one morning, i found sam asleep on a tiny chair all balled up in the corner of our hotel room! "what are you doing on that chair!" i blurted, all up in arms, tormented and wondering if he still loved me. "we're on our HONEYMOON! you can't sleep over there!" i persevered. "well, you pushed me out, taking up the whole bed" he sweetly said. i think i even started crying, feeling so betrayed, yet heavyhearted for "kicking him out". and then we kissed and made up; from there he's learned to sleep willingly on his little edge [grin]. i even had to acclimate to our new alarm clock light... way too bright! must turn around, out of sight. what a brat! i really don't mean to be, i am just regretfully a freak when it comes to sleep!

back to today, our king sized mattress set has had it's day; it's like sleeping on split pea soup (whatever that feels like! just bad! a complete oxymoron-i love that soup!) sam will even admit it's tired.

we have a magnificent queen sized mattress set downstairs that we probably paid way too much for, but is ever so delightful; standing proudly all propped up against raw two-by-fours and insulation, and wrapped in cellophane patiently awaiting her return. she's calling out to me in the night, wishing for her highness' to choose her again!

oh but to go from our spacious king to the moderate queen seems painful! i'd love to replace our grand duo with another czar, but to spend money on him right now seems absurd when our royal lady keeps quiet in the dungeon.

this is my debate. is comfort more important than body room and range? i can't decide! this is my other problem, i am a lousy decision maker! i think sam is resistant in realization that he'll have to take everything apart and move it.

dear fellow friends, what should we do? what would you do? is a queen really that much smaller?