Tuesday, September 1, 2009


.her newborn picture.

the wind was knocked out of me is what it felt like.
my heart sank and sweat beads began...
one of my worst nightmares is happening now!

we were grocery shopping, just the two of us.
after turning around to find that my daughter was missing, i thought my heart stopped beating.
"she was right here!" i painfully muttered, i set my eyes elsewhere for one second. where is she??? i tried to control myself-no need to panic, she has to be close, she always stays close!

i called her name.
called it again.

again. again. again. again. again [over and over]
what do i do? my head is cloudy, my heart is breaking.
what if someone just took her? it happens! .despair. i want to say that i said somewhat of a little prayer, but i can't even remember in my moment of holy terror.

just as i am about to go report my missing child, i hear my name over the p.a. system.
they were calling my name! my heart plummeted again, but in a relief kind of way. sigh! (i'm experiencing it all over again as i write this--ahhh!) as i run up to the customer service desk, i see her down below, cool as a cat. i grabbed her with tears streaming down my face and held her as tight as i could whispering many i love yous and don't ever wander away from me again! she felt bad and started whimpering too.

we had like 3 or 4 little lectures about it and sam said that was probably enough. i just had to make sure she knows to always stay with me! i never did get to thank the lady that helped her.
so thank you dear sweet woman from the bottom of my bruised heart.
.guardian angels.
thank you dear Lord for bringing her back to me!
may this be a lesson and reminder for all of us.