Friday, September 25, 2009

[the music in me]

don't ya just hate it when...


you don't quite feel yourself?
yesterday i finally snapped out of some sort of funk. i just wasn't "me".
where did i go?
i wondered.
i was exhausted, un-motivated, achy and just felt like, well, shit!
more importantly, it bewildered me.
"am i blue because i'm sick? or am i sick because i'm depressed?" i questioned.
i've never suffered from depression before... my r.a. sometimes gets me down and sucks the life out of me, but usually i'm pretty "up"! it started to make me a little nervous.

as i drove lulu to her dance class, ironically elton john's i guess that's why they call it the blues came on the radio and of course i turned it up super loud (i love to blast music, it's not good unless it's loud) and it just helped.

suddenly my head started hurting right through my sinuses and then i knew i was home free. "hooray!" i beamed "i just have a little cold! i'm okay!"

isn't music just amazing! it brings back so many reflections - smells, emotions, people, places, you name it.
what is the first song you remember hearing as a child?

it's been driving me crazy, because i can recollect so vividly one warm night in california at a restaurant when i was about four years old with my parents, sister, uncle turney and his wife verna. there was a song on the radio that played and caught my attention. i think it was
smooth operator by sade. but i don't know for sure. if it wasn't sade's song, than it would be one that sounds very similar to hers.
funny huh?

so random!

thankfully, after a little extra rest, some
sudafed and jamming out to the beat with sam's large headphones, i finally had my brain and body back.