Friday, September 18, 2009



*disclaimer: if you are a germaphobe, you may not want to read this.

last time we ate out with my parents, my father demonstrated the way bus boys and girls wipe off the tables (actions and everything). "they bring over their rag and begin wiping one side of the table top, and as they're unable to reach to the other side completely, they quickly wipe down the seats before they finish wiping the other side." ew!!! so we get bum germs all over the table??? "yep! sick huh?" he smiled. gross!!! our imaginations quickly kicked in and i'm sure yours have now too.

those of you who have had food poisoning may have actually contracted from your table.

in effort to eat out less, the "bright side" would be that you'll eat a whole lot healthier and even save money!
just make sure you don't wipe your own table and chairs that way :)


dang! why did i write this post today? i never cook on fridays! oh well, i'll take my chances.