Tuesday, September 8, 2009

[labor pains]

labor day,smith,september 2009,nature,bike ride

we quietly giggle while comfortably snuggled in our bed busting up as we listen to our offspring bathe.
they intensely chant o
ver and over while their little bums bounce around the edge of the tub. FUNNY!!! where did they get that from? who knows!
what a great start to a productive labor day weekend! no bummin' around!

work a little, play a little!
as we try to teach our children, get your work done first, and reward yourself after.

our goal for saturday was to organize our two hall closets. after three years in our current home, sadly, we still had moving boxes that haven't been handled since we placed them there... so ridiculous! thinking i
t would be a big pain to clean out, it ended up being pretty pain free and it just felt so good to get it done!
we de-junked, simplified, and found old treasures!
i regretfully failed to take any "before" pictures (i don't know if i would dare show you anyway :o)
but here are som
e after shots!

.much better.

home,labor day,september 2009labor day,september 2009,home

"where are we going? what are we doing today?" the little funny people ask.
"humm, nowhere!" daddy teases.
"what? you're just joking! what are we gonna do DAD?" they scream with excitement.
"we're going on a big bike ride!!!"
"YAY!!!" they all squeal.

labor day,bike ride,september 2009,smith,nature

the weather was perfect and promising for our journey.
the light cool breeze caught our hair and lifted it, just enough to keep us satisfied.
tuning in to nature, the simple sounds of rustling trees and dragonflies zipping along held our attention and smiles on our faces.

labor day,bike ride,september 2009,smith,nature

each one of the children enjoyed the ride and eventually thirsted for water and completion.
their wee, tired little bodies fell quickly to rest.
.legs in pain
, hungry tummies, and a much needed washing, it was time to head home.

labor day,september 2009,smith,bike ride