Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[shoe horse]


have you ever wondered or heard where the term shoe horse came from?
well, i suppose i'm kind of one of them.
maybe it derived from shoe whore, like my hysterically witty friend stephanie likes to say [smile] and this is the "appropriate" way to say it.
of course i googled it and the closest i could find was "how to shoe a horse" - that surprised me, i thought there would be all kinds of links about it-a store or something!
well, whatever the origination, i l.o.v.e. shoes!
i enjoy them even more when i buy them on sale!


.this week is shoe week at ross.
this is where i found these great casual teva leather boots for only $19.99!!!
they are extremely comfortable too, which makes them an even bigger bonus.
i can't wait to trounce around this fall wearing these & jeans!


here are a couple more pair that were less than buying them at target!



see this toe spillage above, not a fan. however, when i stand up and walk in them, they're covered-phew! and yes, as much as i adore heels, i did buy some flats, i know, big shocker!

oh yeah, don't tell my husband-he doesn't know that i bought them yet [grin]!

i was itching for something new to photograph this week,

so why not shoes?