Friday, August 5, 2011

[my big man on campus]

hunk of burnin' love is now my big man on campus!  
jack thomas turned six months last week and he's more adorable than ever right now!  
he's all of the sudden discovered his tongue; we somehow find it so funny and can't stop laughing at him :)  
i was so curious to find out his stats yesterday at his checkup, he's grown so much!
he weighs 18.5 pounds now.  he's a big boy!  the doc said he's perfect.  she also said that at six months their eye color is permanent.  i had never heard that before.  we knew the minute he was born baby's got blue eyes!  

the picture above on the right reminds sam and i so much of our nephew jake when he was a babe!  
that little half smile- or something!  genetics- so incredible.  
forever i saw so much of my dad and brother scott in him.  lately he looks just like his daddy to me :)
love you son!  
xo forever,

be sure to check back soon!  i'm super excited to announce
[get ready to scream] 
my next post will be a sweet giveaway!  
i promise, you won't want to miss it!

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