Thursday, August 18, 2011

[just a spoonful of jelly]

these homemade jars of fruity goodness are disappearing rapidly like the last few spoonfuls of summer.
aren't they gorgeous?

months back, heck about a year ago for the berry, we were given these incredible jars of home canned jellies.  the blazing orange is a mango plum and the beautiful dark pink is some sort berry.  maybe marion berry?

and that jar of mystery berry preserves came from one of my oldest friends nicole.  she got married last summer and had an incredibly amazing wedding dinner that her and her husband catered themselves!  
it was nestled in the park with the most charming adornments.  regretfully i didn't bring my camera.  this is a HUGE sore subject for me!  i have been kicking myself ever since!  i was sick and pregnant at the time and just wasn't feeling it :( 
it would have made the perfect photo op and i declined.  i'm still so mad at myself for not bringing my camera with me!!!

the mango plum came from another dear friend kimberly.  she came to visit baby jack just after he was born and had this little jewel of sweetness packaged carefully with fresh bread and the cutest little red shoes you've ever seen.  i should take some pictures of those too!
two amazing gifts from two amazing women.
thank you for your friendship and thank you for your sweet treats!  we've been savoring them!

and here is a song for you today.  it's a good one.  ruby blue

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