Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[keep whites whiter]

there's nothing worse [okay there are a lot worse things, but go with me on this one] than a dingy white tee.
am i right?  yeah, they're bad.  well, for me anyway, it's been so difficult to keep my whites white & bright!
for the last year or so, i've been so fed up with the game.  i've tried white dye, different detergents, different water temperatures, you name it!  

about a month or so ago i took a trip to the distribution center and decided to pick some of the sweet, soft-spoken little lady's brains.  "how can i keep these garments white?"  i asked.  "they never stay bright white for long!  am i missing something?  do you have any great tips for me?"
one adorable miss piped in and gave me the low down!  thank you sister!  

here's the scoop:
most all whites are dyed white.
•treat your whites as colors when washing them and use cold water.
•if you have a front loader washing machine (as i do) use the delicate cycle.  she informed me that most  front loader washers wash clothes too well and they wear 'em out and strip colors quicker.  hmmm, good to know!  this is the one part i did not know, i had tried the above tips, but never tried them altogether.
i've noticed a big difference in my whites since using these steps!  i hope this helps you too!
* we do have to remember that clothes don't last forever; and some of those t-shirts from five years ago need to go bye bye.

you can also try a cold water detergent too and see how that works.  does anyone use it?  how do you like it?  personally, i just use regular liquid detergent like tide with color safe bleach or a similar no name (whatever's on sale).  and i typically don't use clorox bleach very often, every now and again on my plain white towels or socks.  lets face it, it scares me!  i've ruined too many clothes trying to use it :(

    please, if you have any other great methods, do share!

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