Thursday, August 11, 2011

[oh yes i am!]

the girls are gone, jack's asleep, i'm sitting here in my workout clothes (mind you), and i'm totally
goin' for this chocolate molten lava dessert sam bought me a couple nights ago at chilis!
this hot little liquid centered delight has been staring at me patiently awaiting my splurge for too long now. 
 i've been enjoying every bite.
just now a door-to-door produce salesman knocked on my door interrupting my happy time with the most vibrant colored orange piece of orange you've ever seen.  he quickly handed it to me and before i knew it a slice of apple and then grapefruit.  juices were running all down my hands while holding this colorfully fragrant bouquet of summer...  and i quickly returned to my happy place. 
 he got me.  i was sold.  
crap.  this is what i should be eating for dessert. 
well kids, this is what we will be suckin' down day and night for the next couple of weeks.  i just bought a giant box of fruit!  
gosh, i'm thinking maybe i should go work out again now!  nah!!!

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