Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[chew it. chew it real good]

good golly!  my computer is slower than molasses these days!  wow, my nose has been stuck in The Help (i'm finally reading it) every spare minute i've got and i'm starting to sound like some a them southern women!

yeah, mac daddy has been bogged down for the last little bit, and it's driving me bonkers!  it takes the same amount of time to load one page as it takes me to eat a whole cookie.  okay, lets get real, i can woof down a cookie pretty dang fast if i want to :)  the point is, i'm spoiled.  i guess we all are.  remember what the internet used to be like?  good ol' dial up?  well, i'm so used to instant internet gratification.  and to be honest, i'm pretty bothered right now.  that little spinning color wheel telling me to hang tight is making me looney!  no wonder i haven't blogged for what seems like 5 days but it's only been 4 :)  ooh, the minny in me is coming out!

i'll stop whining now and get on with it...
 i'm pretty excited to share with you my favorite teethers!  these foam letter puzzles make the best chew toys for little ones!  i bought this one at the dollar store and little j man loves to sit and gum 'em to death.  if i remember right, my friend stephanie made this awesome discovery.  one day while she was at my house during one of annie's teething moments, she shoved one in her wee mouth and it worked like a charm!  I've sworn by them ever since. 
go on, give 'em a try! 

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