Thursday, August 25, 2011

[blame it on sisters]

what have we been up to this last week?
well, we just returned home from a quick, last hoorah trip before school starts,
swimming lessons,
school shopping, 
a little hair color.
lol!  this was bound to happen right?  with three older sisters, i'm surprised they haven't dressed him up already!
i heard all this giggling and then wailing coming from the family room...  jack had been rolling around on the carpet when all of the sudden he got attacked by the dress-up fairies.  the girls were laughing so hard i'm surprised they didn't pee their pants!  
i quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping;  i knew i better take a few pics fast while i could. 
gotta love sisters!
(picture taken myself with my phone cam-hence the blank stare :)
and as for me, i decided to try and save some money this month and color my own hair.
via facebook, my cute sister kate gave me just the right amount of encouragement i needed to go through with it :) 
worst case scenario: i have it fixed, right?
so i bought one of those cheap little diy box kits from the grocery store, crossed my fingers, and started applying.
twenty five minutes later, and viola!
i think it turned out pretty darn good!
i'm so happy!  
this song has been rolling around in my brain all day!  thanks tara for getting me hooked!  love it!