Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[are you a xenophile?]

so... i'm a bit embarrassed to say that i just learned this word today during story time.  xenophile.
fancy nancy taught me.  nice vocabulary right?
do you know this word?  are you a xenophile?
to be honest, i wouldn't say i'm a xenophile.  i like foreign people, places and things, but i'm not a huge culture craver.  
are you?  
i think i used to be... and maybe i will be again in the future...
it's just not the right season i suppose.
and this may sound crazy to most, but i'm not a super big traveler either.  maybe its because i've never been anywhere exotic or glamorous.  i'm pretty content staying close to home.  don't get me wrong, i like vacations, but i don't live and die for them.  ya know?  do you?  do you live and die for them?  where are you itching to go?