Thursday, March 8, 2012


There was a neighborhood "Protecting families from Pornography" class that I sadly missed the other night.  
Thankfully one of my friends that attended typed up these amazing notes about it!

Here's a paragraph from her post. I learned SO much!  

Statistics say that most pornography addicts start between ages 10-14, with 11 the most common age. And it can even start sooner. She shared some terrifying statistics from Pornography is very personal, private, accessible, and acceptable. It is so scary how big a problem it is for our kids. She stressed that it is not a matter of IF our kids are exposed to it, but WHEN. We have to expect that our kids will be exposed it pornography and we have to be prepared to help them when the time comes.

The biggest thing about helping our kids is to never shame them, no matter what they do. They have to feel like it is safe to talk to us. If they feel shamed, they will lie about any experiences they do have and we will be unable to help them.

I promise, you'll want to read more here
thank you so much for sharing your notes brita!  i pray these will help many, many people.
Knowledge is power and safety!