Wednesday, March 7, 2012

paula deen talks funny

 we were watching paula deen make these delicious looking chocolate cookies and anne turns to me and says, "mom, she's... weird!"  "huh?"  i said.  "hers talks funny!"  she replies.  i started laughing and just about said back to her, "yous talks funny!" 
i didn't even attempt explaining accents.  maybe i should have.  hmmm.  she's four. 
today i'm grateful that maple syrup isn't as sticky as the regular aunt jemima kind. 
as i staggered in on a waffle making session this morning, half asleep and not at all ready for a new day, all of the sudden i hear annie and sabrina shouting at each other while syrup is dripping down the cupboards. it came out too quickly as they poured almost the whole entire bottle on anne's eggos this morning. deep breathliquid stick. it was all over. i yelled a little. then i felt bad because i new it was an accident. the maple syrup bottle is not kid friendly. it has a ginormously wide pouring spout- or whatever you call a syrup container cap. dumb. they'll learn. 
annie looked too cute the other day with her freshly curled hair. i felt the need to document that i do fix  her hair.    
most days it's a hot mess!  my neighbors can attest to that!
rat's nest or not, i will always love hers!  

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