Friday, March 9, 2012

jack be nimble

howdy!  halle-freakin-luia it's friday!  anyone else feel the same way?  man it's been a busy week!  i want to climb in bed and not get out until monday!  
just to give you a visual, sam said i looked like i got in a bar fight last night before i went to bed lol.  i was trashed! 
before i put my jammies on, i wanted to show y'all my latest Etsy shop addition!  you may remember seeing this print in my son jack's nursery...  after cute kellie saw it on my blog, she asked it she could buy a print.  um, yeahhhh!  why haven't i added it to the shop?  dunno.  i guess i forgot?  so i dug it up, revived it a bit, and put it up for sale.  thank you kellie for reminding me i had it!!
this classic nursery print makes the perfect addition to your little JACK'S room (they're name doesn't have to be 'Jack' - it's a nursery rhyme :) or super darling as a GIFT. 
offered in butter, charcoal & hampton blue (as shown) as well as any other colors found on our "custom colors" listing. 

you can find jack be nimble here

i hope your weekend is delightful!  it's going to be sunny here!  that makes me smile :)

p.s. watch for my MR & MRS collection!  with wedding season right around the corner, i'll be adding unique, personalized wedding gifts to the shop!  i think they're pretty rad - i hope you'll like 'em too - we'll see :)

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