Thursday, March 1, 2012

anthropology inspired kitchen & living design board: teal & coral

it all began when jessica sent me a picture of this adorable owl cookie jar (shown below) from anthropologie.  she purchased my daily bread print and had it color matched to coordinate with her owl.  coral.

it had been a while since i had been on anthro's site, so while i was checking everything out, i was inspired to create a design board including my daily bread print & my latest  food print.  i thought they'd look rad with their furnishings! 

what do ya think?  and i'm normally not a huge animal head fan, but i like it with this palette.
i shared this board with jessica before i posted it here... i needed a second set of eyes.  

here is what she said: Oh my word, I love it!  Wow, it really all flows so well together, very San Fran!  Okay really,  that 'FOOD - don't forget to taste & enjoy it', seriously could change the world! I could see that in bistros and eateries all over the place!  Holla, you have a winner to post on your blog/shop!  Really fantastic!

thanks jess!  thanks for the inspiration!
food.  it's a powerful, delicious thing.  we all consume it.  we all have a relationship with it.  how often do we remember to really taste & enjoy it?  how many of us gobble it up and not even experience it?  i do!  i've been trying to teach my family to slow down, chew & taste it.  we've needed a reminder in our kitchen.  i've been thinking for months how i wanted to make this - it seems silly because it's so simple, but it had to be just right.  i like this.  i hope you do too!

my latest print food is available now here
i hope to have a picture of it framed soon to share with you.  frames make all the difference.

all merchandise pictures via anthropology.  design board layout and prints by me.