Friday, March 16, 2012

The Mr & Mrs Collection

wedding season is definitely budding!  it's time to order some unique, personalized gifts!  
 this took some serious time!  whew!  i've been working on this collection for the last month and i am now ready & excited to show them off :)  
first on the list, made for each other (above) has a clean, modern feel.   
you can purchase this one here
p.s. all of these prints you see in this post are offered in tons of different colors at no additional cost.  brighten up a small apartment with some fun hues!  see our custom color chart.
two little love birds sitting in a tree, h-u-g-g-i-n-g!  love birds (above) is a charming little print that makes a darling wedding, anniversary & engagement gift!  
or a nice "just because" treat ;)  you can purchase this one here
lucky in LOVE
the newlyweds (above) is a bold print that makes a great addition to the master bedroom! Personalized with the couple's name and wedding date, this screams UNITY to me :)  this particular print looks better with longer last names. 
you can purchase this one here
ahh, the house print (above).  so my cute mom had the fabulous idea to "re-decorate" this house and add a mr & mrs along with their wedding date to make the cutest wedding and anniversary gifts!  genius i say!  she's so creative!  thank you mother!  love it!  
you can purchase this one here
and last but not least, mr & mrs smith.  i made this for our master bedroom last year and would be happy to customize one for you too :)  i love it's simplicity.  this one looks better with shorter last names.  you can purchase this one here

thank you for taking the time to view my collection!  i hope you see something you like :)

have a great weekend!

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