Monday, March 12, 2012

lynn wilson burritos - glorified

on saturday we cooked up these little babies for lunch!  bean & cheese with green chile lynn wilson burritos.  glorified.  

this is how we do 'em baby!  nuke for 1 minute on high, add a little melted white cheddar and zap for another minute.  then add a dollop of sour cream and garnish with some fresh chopped tomatoes and lettuce.  super easy, super delish, and el cheapo!  sometimes i can find them on sale for 50¢ each!  love that! 

i  just read that mr. lynn r. wilson died march 2, 1993.  i think i'll declare march to be national lynn wilson frozen food month!  get psyched family, i'm thinking tamales next!  
thank you mr. wilson for making awesome frozen mexican food!  

peace out friends and happy microwave magic!
now what to make tonight.....

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