Monday, March 12, 2012

st. george parade of homes 2012

sunny st. geezy is calling me back!  a few weeks ago, we went on our annual st. george parade of homes trip.  
here are some of my favorite rooms and pictures from the tour.  i liked this sliding glass door(above)and this ultra modern continuous indoor/outdoor fireplace(below).
this bed above had a pipe canopy that we thought was a pretty cool diy.  it was just made out of painted copper pipe.
i heart these doors and planked ceilings above.
now here is the real show!  talk about class!  take a close look at this rig(above).  sam spotted it en route.  we went back to take a pic.  there are only two words for this: wow & wow
ah yes, we taste tested.  a lot.  this sugar cookie found at the swig was quite dynamite.  p.s. if you ever go to st. george, utah, you must hit swig.  it's a drive through drink shack.  it's genius.  you should have seen all the mini vans & suburbans full of moms and kids cruisin' through that joint for a soda and cookie lol.  love.  that's my kind of wonderful!

well another great trip with great peeps!  thank you mr & mrs sol for the memories!

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