Saturday, July 9, 2011

[only one good idea away]

we joke with our friends about making millions and how something we'd really love is only one good idea away, like inventing something really rad (chad) and perhaps dropping a wad on a lake house, cabin, beach house... you get the idea.
well, yesterday we were texting back and forth with them, sending them pictures of cool homes we found, and they shot back this photo of their gorgeous view from steamboat springs. 
 breathtaking isn't it?

in thinking about it, there are so many amazing spots like this!  so many places i love!  it would be hard to pick a favorite.  that's why we need two really good ideas!  no, really everywhere we look beauty can be found.

i remember driving to california through desolate desserts, dying to get to disneyland and complaining about how boring the drive was.  my mom would quickly chime in and comment on the spectacular scenery, chastening encouraging us to appreciate and find the beauty in everything.  at the time, i'm sure i rolled my eyes and specifically wondered if she'd ever find some place not pretty.  i can't recall her ever doing so.  

now as a mother myself, i catch myself saying the same things;  trying to teach my children to look on the bright side, to make the best of what they have, and to be grateful for all we've been given.

so for now, i'll enjoy where i'm at today and soak in all the splashes, giggles and sunscreen i can!
seeing jack in the pool for the first time and loving it is my oceanfront property :)  

what is your paradise today?   we'd all love to hear!  do share! 
have a  glorious weekend!

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