Monday, July 11, 2011

[he makes my heart sing]

it's hard to believe my little dream boat is five months already!
he's 17 lbs of goodness, has two little bottom teethies, and he squeals and kicks like crazy in the tub!
we think he's going to be a blondie.
he loves his sisters.
they make him giggle and grin and coo.
he's kind of a mama's boy and totally flirts with me.  you know i eat that up!
oh, and he loves to jump!  he'll jump himself to sleep in his johnny jump up.
we call him jumpin' jack flash :)

my sister kate told me what my little nephew tyler said once and it completely melts me.  it's the sweetest little saying and perfectly describes how i'm feeling.  i'm going to steal it for a minute if that's okay:
he makes my heart sing
is that just the most beautiful quote you've ever heard?  and to come from a little 7 year old (i think at the time) boy?  he's so poetic!  love him!

i'm so excited for today!  i'll have to tell you all about it tomorrow!
also, hugs and kisses to my sweet friend brandi who recently lost her mom.  i love you!

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