Monday, July 25, 2011

[you be the judge]

it's monday morning, post mini-vacation, and i can't decide if i feel more like this dog or the driver!
i want to get going, but i really want to just stay in my jammies.
lol, sam snapped this picture the other day on his way home from work.
we got a pretty good laugh at it's ridiculousness.

we instantly chalked it up to pure laziness, but after thinking about it for a minute, wanting to give the driver the benefit of the doubt, i wondered if he/she was
 a) super sick and the dog kept begging to "get out"
b) too busy and wanted to quickly take the dog on a speed walk
c) just got a horrific haircut and couldn't be seen
d) a punk teenager trying to be awesome funny
e) handicapped
f) an overdue pregnant lady with swollen ankles, crying kids, and craving a doughnut at the gas station.

who knows!  i'm gonna go with f.
you be the judge.