Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[the girl's room]

so yesterday sam's work had a team building activity at miller motorsports park!  it was a little scary, but so fun!  
more details and pictures coming soon! 

a couple weeks ago when i was featured on 6th street, i sent kirsten some of these pictures to add to her feature friday post but haven't put them here on brightsides yet.  
so, today's the day.

pink, pink, and more pink is the palette along with some pale blues and white.  
this room NEVER looks this clean, so after i picked it all up and made it picture worthy, i sat and enjoyed it for a half a second before it was trashed again.
i should show them these pictures periodically daily to remind them how nice their room can actually look!  why must they wear five different outfits each day, throw them on the floor and collect so much junk?
three bugs in a rug!  
our girls all wanted to share a room, so we happily bunked them up!  hopefully we can finish our basement soon... it's getting a little tight in here.

 these darling sarah jane prints are perfectly pink & pretty and i think go so nicely here in the their room.   i just love her work!  she's beyond talented!  i'm pretty sure i've said this before, but she's definitely one of my idols and totally living my dream!  
and yes, for all you fish lovers, sparkles is still in fact alive!  you can kind of see her and her bowl in the picture above :)
she's stayed afloat for almost a whole year now...  we wonder how long she'll keep swimming around?  
we found these great white bunk beds at costco at the beginning of the year and couldn't
resist buying them; they were such a great deal and so strong and sturdy.  
nice bunk beds can be expensive!

their bedding was purchased at pottery barn and the dressers are ikea specials :)

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