Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[not just a housewife]

okay, so if you haven't been frequenting not just a housewife, you've been missing out!
stacy is a freakin' rockstar!  she's the sweetest little thing you've ever met, and yet the toughest chick i know all rolled into the most darling mom & homemaker ever!  honestly, i don't think this lady is afraid of anything! 
she owns her own power tools and knows how to use 'em!

stacy and i first met at her wedding :)  she married my husband's cousin!  so, i guess you would call us cousin-in-laws!  i instantly knew we'd be friends!  she's just so friendly and fun and easy going!
what i love most about stacy is that she makes the most out of every situation.  no matter what her circumstances, she rolls up her sleeves and does whatever she needs to do for her family.  
stacy has four adorable busy little boys and is phenomenal with them!  they are all SoOo good and well behaved... it's very apparent her and her husband spend a lot of time teaching them and giving them oodles of attention and love.   
i wanna be like her when i grow up!
check out what she's done! 
she completely remodeled her kitchen from floor to ceiling.  she refinished her cabinets & painted this retro checkerboard ceiling all by herself!  this woman has skillz!  isn't it so cute?
using her OWN power tools, stacy built this great little end table and was just on good things utah to show how!  
okay now, seriously, look at this ceiling!  sOooo beautiful!  "why do walls get to have all the fun?" stacy says.  
and get THIS?  better homes and gardens are featuring this room in their august magazine!  
if that's not the ultimate over the moon honor, i don't know what is!?!  lucky ducky!
and to top it all off, she entered this picture (above) in the "coolest space in your place" contest and she's one of the top 5 finalists!  make sure to go here to vote for her!  today is the last day, so hurry up!
you can read more about her stencil tutorial here
stacy has always loved parties and created yet another blog dedicated to children's birthday ideas.
stacy explains that she doesn't throw parties to impress anyone.  she says kids rarely notice and have a blast no matter how much you spend!  
she believes parties should be creative but they don't have to be expensive.  love that!  so true!  
here's a s'more cake she made!  so creative!  love this!  
for this recipe and instructions as well as other fabulous birthday ideas, go here.

thanks to stacy for letting me feature her blogs and all of her incredible work!  
make sure to check out more of her awesomeness here and here!