Thursday, July 14, 2011


do painting projects make you cringe like they do me?
as a lover of the arts myself, i can totally appreciate the activity, but the maid in me does not.
however, i shouldn't stunt their creativity and neglect flourishing talents because i just don't want to clean it up. 
heck, the kitchen's usually always a mess anyway, so why not make one more, right?
besides, they should be the ones cleaning it up!  yeah?
thank goodness for washable watercolors!  thank you crayola!
one recent boring afternoon, we pulled out the brushes, paper and paints.
the girls gingerly filled up cups of water and grabbed the paper towels.
large white sheets of paper were their blank canvases, and boy they went to town!
i had forgotten how much they loved to paint!
it wasn't near as messy as i remember... i guess they're older now... that helps!
flowers and hearts.  love my girls.  that's what i always used to paint and draw too.  still do.
so, may i remember: each creative mess will make them super awesome artists!
i think they're going places!

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