Friday, July 22, 2011

[no touchies]

the other day while i was making these, i was quickly reminded of my husband's organizing hay day a few months back!
he decided to empty a few drawers in the kitchen.  apparently they were driving him crazy.
i know i'm in trouble when he starts going through a closet or drawer just out of the blue and decides we need to clean it out!  he always starts it and then it usually ends up being me to finish.  it's frustrating.
does this happen to you?  i remember my dad would do this to my mom and it would drive her crazy as well!  i think it irritates me mostly because i was not the one to choose to start the project, and two, it's always at the most inopportune time.  i need to mentally prepare-be in the mood i guess.  i dunno, maybe i'm just being a big baby about it.
but my real gripe is the fact that he got rid of all my extra measuring cups!  
so when i'm cooking or baking something, i only have one set to work with now.  if my 1/3 cup is coated with shortening and i need it for measuring flour, it's just a big pain in the butt to wash out, especially if i'm in a hurry.  and with four kids always needing me, i usually am.  
i should probably have him read this.  better communication i suppose.

thanks dear.
love you.

p.s. take a listen to a sample of my new favorite soundtrack.  ride & reason why.  so good.  tgif.

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