Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[sarah jane studios]

i'm sure you've probably heard of sarah jane because she's wildly popular, but i'm infatuated with her work and really want to blog about it today!
sarah jane today is my mary engelbreit of the 90's
 (i hope she takes that as a compliment!  i still love m.e.)
truly it's like sarah opened up the left side of my brain and snatched up all my favorite artistic elements. 
i would LOVE to own every single piece she's made!  
and you can just tell by her charming blog that sarah is SO nice too!  
she has to be to create such precious prints!  right?

can i brag for just a split second?  i am so freakin' crazy excited to say that she has read(s) my blog!  ahHhH!  she even asked if she could use some of my girl's room pictures for her portfolio!  i really think i'm dreaming!!!  i of course said yes & told her that she totally made my year!
here are a couple of my little blond boy faves i REALLY want for jack's room someday.
sarah j is offering an out of this world giveaway on her blog right now!  you won't want to miss it!
good luck!